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Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

What the Red Clay School District is trying to do will not work. Rather than trying to fix what is broken in the schools within the city of WIlmington their answer is to throw an enormous amount of money at it by busing students out of Wilmington to the Red Clay District.

“The division of Wilmington students into four suburban school districts is both rare and contentious, as is Delaware’s lack of weighted funding for underprivileged schools, experts and local advocates say.” –

The unfair districting was addressed and corrected by Brown v Board of Education! Our school system has suffered under the monetary weight of the increased NON EDUCATIONAL costs.

In my opinion it would make much better sense to go INTO Wilmington and fix what is broken rather than incur the addition costs of adding: more Bus Drivers and Buses, more insurance, more crossing guards , etc.

The Democrats talk a lot about inner city Wilmington but under their single party rule nothing has changed in the past 20+ years, except for it sliding further into the abyss.

This new redistricting is wrong minded and throwing failed money after failed money to make us feel good that we are doing something will simply exacerbate the issue and kick the can down the road.