Friends, I believe in three fundamental truths:

We need and deserve:

  • Competent and Effective Education: We all want the best education for our children. We rank 90% nationwide on the amount of money we invest in every student, yet we test in the lowest 10%. Common Core must go and Common Sense education must be brought back to the classrooms. Please join me in helping to repeal this wasteful and ineffective way of teaching. Let your voice be heard! (Click this link).

    To see Jim’s postion on WEIC click here


  • Stop the rising tide of Crime: The Great City of Wilmington has been dubbed “Murder Town U.S.A.” Now I know we’d all like some national notice but is this the kind of attention we had in mind?  Friends, the light we can shine on and push back the rampant and rising crime can be found in our Law Enforcement and Judicial system. And it can only be focused when we can acknowledge that the way we are going about things right now is simply not working.

A good start would be to break the bonds the governement has put on our Law Enforcement members and Judicial system let them do their jobs! We have the infrastructure in place, let’s get it working again.  Let’s enforce the laws that are on the books rather than pass new laws that don’t work and cost us money.


  •  Job Creation: Dover has levied such punitive taxes and regulations on our businesses that they have fled our district. Rather than allow our State Government to dabble in and gamble on business ventures they have no idea how to run, let us turn the page back to when we let the business do what THEY did best. When businesses grow and flourish, they bring back the jobs  we lost due to bad ventures owing to cronyism and self-interest. We will all benefit from this strategy and return Delaware the greatness it once enjoyed.

I ask you today for your support. Please take a moment to press the Contribute key and offer whatever you can. Because I am a grassroots candidate owing nothing to the powerful in Dover, my resources are limited.

I invite you to join this growing trend in the United States to take back the absolute control we have given the rich and powerful and return it to where it belongs; in the hands of the people. Volunteer a few minutes, hours, or even longer to become a part of this swelling grassroots movement. From that link you can also request a lawn sign and get emails keeping you updated on when and where our efforts lead us to next.

Thank You and may God Bless you and the great state of Delaware!


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Jim Startzman









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