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I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. I graduated from an independent school named Hawken School in 1973.  I then went to college for a year at Rollins College in Winter Park Florida.  I moved to St Petersburg Florida in 1975.  I worked as an electrician in the St. Pete area till 1982.  In 1982 I began a new work experience in the dredging industry.  It consisted of digging ship channels deeper and beach replenishment along the whole east coast.  I worked all aspects of this business, from being a deck hand to a derrick operator, to working as a mate and then earning my captains license.  In 1993 I began my real estate career and here I am.  I have been serving my community now as a realtor for 21 years.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve decided to run for State Representative and what it is that makes me more qualified than the incumbent.  During the last 6+ years I have become more and more aware of the negative effect of our state government towards the citizens of Delaware.

It is my intention to make a difference, even a small difference, to bring our local and state government back under control and get back to the basics of the constitution and fiscal responsibility.



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